Who we are

Global Information Solutions is a worldwide mobile information service provider with major operations in the Caribbean, Latin America and South America. Our aim is to provide stable platforms and services by which we are able to dispense on demand bite-size information to subscribers at a reasonable and affordable price. Our goal is simple. We need to leverage the different mobile technologies (i.e. SMS, USSD, etc) to be able to provide small bite-size information that people really want and to be able create a lucrative and profitable market in the process. The company is lead by team of entrepreneurs and engineers with vast experience in the telecommunications, IT and communications spheres. With all these put together we are able to create innovative and quality solutions for our users, operators and partners. Along with our extraordinary team we are also able to garner strategic partnerships, which allow us to extend our reach across the globe. We are open to new ideas and willing explore new ventures while stick to our principle of "Keeping it simple".

We are...

        •  A leading provider of innovative, premium services and solutions in the Telecom space
        •  A team with a strong track record in products and services development for a global clientele
        •  A strong team of engineers and business leaders powering innovation and development
        •  Driven to produce revenue generating services whilst lowering operation costs
        •  Agile and responsive to customers’ needs in a fast paced marketplace

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