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Value Added Services
    •    Lottery Info Service – through a commonly and frequently used medium, such as USSD or SMS, we are able to provide the current and past lottery numbers drawn for a specific lottery system (local, regional or international depending on the market that it is established in.
    •    Magic Number – based on our proprietary predictive model we provide our subscribers with a daily lucky number along with a associated local folkloric word or phrase for that number.
    •    Poll/Voting – this is a self-sufficient service through which our partners are able to administer and deliver poll questions or allow subscribers to vote on a topic via USSD.
    •    Soccer Info – using this service we provide the latest game results, league standings or in some markets live match updates
    •    Dial and win – we are able to delivery a several promotions using this service, similar to scratch and win, treasure hunt and under-the-cap services. 
Other Services 
Official training from Uluru Solutions provides the perfect launch pad for getting the most out of our platforms. With the help from our experts we can get complete beginners up and running in no time. Available advance classes will help experienced users to get the most out of our platforms in order to build the best and most consistence services.

All courses are available online, which allows you to connect from wherever you are and participate. The courses vary depending on the experience of the participants. We provide custom courses for groups upon request. 
Product Designer Customization 
You may be interested in our Customization Service if you are designing or developing services that are outside of the scope of the core functionalities of our platform.

Below are some of the customization services that we provide.
    •    Customization of the widgets of the Product Designer.
    •    Development of custom interfaces for accepting requests.
    •    Integration of the Product Delivery Platform with external systems.
    •    Development of custom processes 
Consulting and Project Assistance 
For clients developing services on the

Product Delivery Platform or using the Product Designer, you may be interested in signing up for project assistance. This service includes project analysis at the beginning of a project, solving technical problems throughout the lifecycle of the project and developing custom services.

With our consulting service you can receive expert advice in any of the following areas:
    •    Project analysis
    •    Architectural recommendations
    •    Technical problem solving
    •    Service design review

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