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Product Designer

The Product Designer provides a robust tool for mobile operators to design and deploy services to the Product Delivery Platform. A Highly customizable development environment that provides a rich set of processes that are typical used to interact with telecom nodes

Unified Charging Gateway

A high performance USSD gateway that provides online billing of short codes based on some predefined parameters. Current implementation interacts with Ericsson AIR servers but provides customizable interfaces that can be used to connect to other billing platforms for subscriber charging.

Product Delivery Platform

The Product Delivery Platform is a self contained value added services processing server, built for scalability, extendability and easy deployment in a telecom environment.

It provides a compact yet robust solution of being able to deploy VAS products while not undertaking certain risk and deployment costs.

A fully loaded platform, along with the Product Designer, allows the operator to focus on actual service and not the underlying protocols and utilities.


  • Reduces operational costs
  • Fast and easy product development and deployment
  • Scalable architecture
  • Quick customization
  • Comprehensive platform


  • Supports Linux/Windows
  • Telecom grade performance
  • Multiple network protocols
  • Multiple external enablers
  • SNMP V2 Traps
  • GSM/UMTS Network
  • HTTP or WSDL client connectors

Bulk SMS Application

The Bulk SMS applications is an easy-to-use yet robust SMS Software for mobile marketing.

It is designed for the small medium size business to be able to manage their marketing campaigns and send customized messages to target groups. The application is well suited to send fast and cost effective SMS for promotions, reminders, alerts and special notices to large target audiences.

Key Features:

  • No software required. Access application from your browser
  • Save a batch of numbers to a manageable distribution list
  • Supports GSM 7-bit and UCS2 unicoding encoding automatically
  • Supports long SMS and Flash SMS
  • Easy signup and registration
  • Offensive Keyword blacklisting
  • Schedule messages for future sending
  • Multiple users connected to the same account
  • Blacklist opt-in for subscribers that do not want to receive bulk messages

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